All changes to your Guaranteed Booking are subject to approval and not Confirmed  until you receive a email confirmation back from us. We will do our best to make any changes you request. If there is additional charges for the changes, you will be notified. If you are due a refund or a reduced amount due at check in, you will be notified.

Cancel or Change Booking

AAE Hotels and Hostels does not allow phone calls for changes or cancellations on any booking. Please use this form below to submit your change or cancel. We will reply to you within 24 hours.

Change or Cancel Click Here

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Cancellation Please Read

Please note that any reservation cancel must be received via this form at least 24 hours before the arrival date to avoid a one night charge and being considered a "late cancel". Once you cancel, you will receive a cancel confirmation from AAE Hotels. If you made a booking using, Hostelworld or any other travel web site, the deposit made at booking time, is not refundable

Notify AAE Hotels & Hostels of Special Request

If you have a special request of any kind, please email it to us. This includes, early check in, luggage storage, late arrival notice, bed type changes, expecting mail at the property.

Please include your booking confirmation number, arrival date and request and email to